About Us

Barrier Reef Computer Services was created in Mackay in 1991 to serve the needs of businesses and individuals in Mackay and District.

Michelle Davidson is the owner and operator of Barrier Reef Computer Services.  Michelle says....

"In 1991 I was teaching people for ComputerLand Mackay and occasionally my students would get me on-site to help with specific problems.  The business grew from that need.  I would help people out with training or troubleshooting.  I came to Mackay in 1989 as a Unix/COBOL programmer for local governement.  I graduated Mitchell CAE with an Associate Diploma of Arts (Data Processing) in 1986.  Programming is good for the creative juices to keep flowing, troubleshooting is good for that appreciation you get from transferring a frustrated customer into a happy one.  I maintained IT for Burton Coal Mine for a few years and it was always nice when engineers, receptionists,or project managers called me as I walked past their office to help with anything IT that had challenged them since my previous visit.  The business has kept going through word of mouth, I keep my clients happy and they happily recommend me to anyone else in need."

The Business and The Future
There are more and more people out there troubleshooting.  As much as the pat on the back is nice, the future lies in education and creation.  We continue to provide a full service business.  We supply hardware, software, training, setup clients with suitable programs and systems.  We transfer clients from one computer to another - if it's in a computer you won't need to re-enter data.  We can check your backup is going to do the job in case of disaster.

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